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Ready Aim Teach has created the following workshops to make sure teachers are able to enjoy their job. Take a quick glance over our course offerings, and you will notice how each one offers a different way to relieve stress, help manage your class, and engage your students. No matter if you are a new teacher looking to start off with great practices in place, or you’ve been teaching for decades, we offer some valuable takeaways you will be able to use to improve your teaching experience.
Not to mention, teachers who come to our workshops report having fun as the #1 reason they keep coming back. No boring professional development courses here. We only offer a great time with hands-on learning you are sure to benefit from.

NEW – Price of courses now INCLUDES the cost of graduate credit through Trinity University. Once you have registered for the course, you will receive information from Trinity, but there will be no additional cost.

If you are interested in taking a course but not looking for graduate credit, please contact us for pricing.



Description: Imagine a classroom environment more conducive for student learning, sharing, and critical thinking. Explore how to create a calmer classroom through powerful self-regulation techniques and de-escalation strategies. Get ready to collaborate with peers, practice together, and leave with practical and ready-to-go strategies for your classroom! # of credits included: 1 Price of this course (more…)

Description: Learn proactive strategies to increase time for teaching and learning. Participants will explore and practice ways to manage students while building and maintaining respectful relationships, as well as strategies to increase student motivation. # of credits included: 2 Price of this course now INCLUDES the cost of graduate credit through Trinity University. Once you (more…)

To meet the dramatic healing needs our students will bring, teachers can prepare for this ‘new normal’ by boosting their resilience building skills. This course is a deep dive into equipping educators to meet the needs students will bring when we regather in school buildings. Learn how to drastically increase student resilience by designing and (more…)

Description: Explore the power of student-driven differentiation in daily learning; jump starting student willingness to put forth effort, participate, study, and take intellectual risks. Examine the impact of educators serving as “choice coaches” to help students design their own pathways to increased achievement. Through a variety of quick, practical, and engaging experiences, learn easy-to-implement steps (more…)

Description: The spoken word is a primary tool teachers use to educate, motivate and positively influence the social and emotional health of students. In the dynamic learning environments emerging from our pandemic experience, the use of language that provides teachers with the highest potential impact on student learning, behavior and emotional state has never been (more…)

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Workshop Participant

Ready Aim Teach Workshop

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