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Here’s what people are saying about Amy Kines and Ready Aim Teach!
“Thank you so much for working with our staff. It was engaging and encouraging at the same time. Specific, constructive feedback is our school improvement goal and you helped us get closer and to improve our skills in working with our students. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and wisdom.”

Cathy Allie, Potomac ES Principal

“Your training and the strategy behind it have been spot on!”

Chet Seely, CEO, Retro Co.

“Best class I’ve taken in all my years of teaching, and I have my Masters +60. I’m walking away with actual, useful materials and was engaged the entire weekend!”

E. Boyar, PE Teacher, Cloverly ES

“Now I have a better perspective and toolbox of motivational engagement strategies to increase learning experiences for my students. Thank you for all that you do and for providing such engaging content.”

Dynamic Teaching Participant

“This was the most informative and ‘unboring’ workshop I have attended. I feel excited to share these strategies with the teachers on my team. I am going to suggest this workshop to other teachers at my school.”

Z. Amonoso, PEP Teacher, Montgomery County Public Schools

“I have so many ideas to implement in my class to prevent behavior issues and create a positive class environment. This was extremely informative despite covering a lot of materials. They provided so many strategies I know I will use.”

Workshop Participant, Rockville, MD

“Thank you so much! This was GREAT! It is so exciting to learn proactive strategies that I feel confident about implementing.”

3rd grade teacher, Montgomery County, MD

“I loved this course. Looking forward to more courses with Ready, Aim, Teach.”

Middle School Teacher, Potomac, MD

“Amazing workshop! Very engaging and informative. New teachers and veteran teachers can truly benefit from this workshop. Amy Kines, you did an amazing job. Keep up the excellent work! I learned so much and feel so pumped for the fall!”

Teacher, Bel Pre Elementary school

“Excellent workshop! It flowed very well and I stayed engaged throughout the training. Really appreciate the food and breaks as well.”

ESOL Teacher, Montgomery County, MD

“Best workshop I’ve taken. I feel confident and excited to implement strategies.”

Workshop participant, Rockville, MD

“I think the presentation went very well and many of the teachers came to me that day and in the week following to say how much they enjoyed and appreciated it! We are so grateful that you came and look forward to having you back in March!”

Sr. Kateri Rose, Principal, St. Thomas Aquinas Regional School

“Amy, thank you so much for the great wealth you have brought to us these last 2 days. It has been so enjoyable, of very high quality and I feel so enlightened now about my colleagues. It was so insightful of you to present the workshop in such a way to encompass our school values, to understand where we are in our journey and to direct us to the places we need to go. Congratulations on a very successful workshop and thank you again for all you have given us. Also the feedback from my team has been incredibly positive and you have really got some sparks lit.”

Susan Anderson, Elementary School Principal, St. John’s International School, Waterloo, Belgium

“This I can tell you: I am a much more competent and confident teacher as a result of the “Ready, Aim, Teach…” course that I took this past summer.”

D. Dwyer, Bishop O’Connell HS, Arlington, VA

“Thank you very much Amy! Just what the doctor ordered. I believe we are headed in the right direction with the ‘essential teacher skill building and strategies for a high functioning school'”

Karl Francis, Principal, York High School, York, Maine

“Great workshop that provides applicable ways we can improve our classes.”

2nd grade teacher, Brown Station Elementary School

“I LOVE the take home list of strategies I can actually use! This makes information digestible and applicable/relevant.”

T. Kirshe, grade 6 English Teacher, Montgomery County Public Schools

“The opportunity to learn in an engaging way was great! These strategies can be implemented for students at all levels, as well as with teachers.”

S. Duval, Staff Development Teacher, Montgomery County Public Schools

“Now I know strategies to motivate students I don’t have great relationships with.”

R. Lusman, Middle School Special Ed. Teacher

“I feel like I have a good arsenal of ideas and strategies to help keep my students engaged while increasing their ability to learn.”

U. Bell, 2nd grade teacher, Bel Pre ES

“Thank you so much for such a well organized, hands-on, and informative class!”

S. Terra, Middle School World Language Teacher

“So amazing and engaging. Wasn’t even bored for 1 minute!”

4th grade teacher, Seven Locks Elementary School

Prior Testimonials:
“Amy Kines and Ready Aim Teach provide a variety of professional learning opportunities that are specifically tailored to the needs of teachers and staff with ongoing growth and learning in mind.”

Mary Decker, Curriculum and Professional Learning Supervisor
Franklin Special School District, TN

“Amy did a fabulous job. I had fun and learned a lot. I’m looking forward to implementing these tools in the classroom.”

Tools for Teaching Participant,
Eagle County, CO

Extremely eye-opening and proactive! Thank you.”

Tools for Success: Proactive and Powerful Participant,
Baltimore County, MD

“I am so thrilled that I took this class. Amy is a very motivating speaker. I loved every minute.”

Tools for Teaching Participant,
Montgomery County, MD

“I LOVED this course and the instructor, Amy! How wonderful!”

Tools for Teaching Participant,
Montgomery County, MD

“Thank you for sharing these great learning tools. Loved sharing ideas for application.”

Enjoying the Journey of Teaching Participant,
Franklin Special School District, TN

“This is the best class I have taken in my 11 years of teaching. It is practical, simple and rewarding because in just a few days, I was able to learn numerous strategies to develop and improve my pedagogical skills.”

D. Encarnacion, Grade 1 Teacher

“Now I have a much stronger grasp on the foundation that is essential to a good learning environment. I have already begun to implement several of the strategies and am looking forward to trying more.”

Workshop Participant

“I loved this class. Other PDs I have participated in have left me discouraged and feeling like I would never be able to do what was taught. This workshop provided practical, cheap and doable strategies.”

J. Dietrich, Grades 6-8 Teacher

“I am thankful for having had the opportunity to expand, improve, and reflect on my teaching practices.”

Course Participant

“Amy did an amazing job of creating a warm, safe culture and community amongst her adult students.”

Course Participant

“Amy was dynamic and resourceful, allowing us to interact with the content.”

Course Participant

“Amy Kines has effective and impactful facilitation skills. She encourages participants to contribute their thoughts and ideas to the discussion and provides valuable feedback to help them reflect on their thinking and its implications on learning.”

Dr. Traci Townsend

“Now I have the tools and strategies to allow me to stay calm and address the behaviors in a positive way.”

1st grade teacher

“Thank you so much for an awesome semester. You are consistently a fantastic and clear teacher who makes things applicable to our classrooms.”

M. Hoffman
BCC High School

“Now I KNOW why my year was exhausting and what I can do to make future years ENJOYABLE + PRODUCTIVE + SUCCESSFUL for ALL.”

K Lloyd
Special Education paraeducator

“Great workshop AND instructor! Information was great and explained thoroughly without being talked down to.”

L Gibney
2nd grade teacher

“Before this workshop, I had a difficult time with classroom management, especially the discipline. … I lost a lot of instructional time. Now feel more confident. I know that I will go into the school year prepared with a lot of ‘tools’ in the box. I also have a very valuable resource to refer to when situations arise.”

Laura G
2nd grade teacher

“The workshop has great value – nicely done.”

workshop participant

“Before this workshop, I was engaging in confrontational backtalk with disruptive students. Now I will be in control of the classroom by working the room and calmly deal with classroom disruptions.”

M Gansky
1st grade teacher

“Amy Kines was a wonderful leader / teacher for this class.” High School English Teacher

High School English Teacher

“I learned SO much from my training. It will truly revolutionize my classroom.”

Tools for Teaching Participant,
Eagle County, CO

“Thanks for helping our school move forward. Our skills will improve thanks to your strategies.”

Tools for Success: Proactive and Powerful Participant,
Baltimore County, MD

“I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop and feel that I am leaving with many insights and applications.”

Tools for Teaching Participant,
Montgomery County, MD

“Best workshop I’ve been to! Love how you deliver instruction.”

Tools for Teaching Participant,
Montgomery County, MD

“Thank you for making the past 2 days lively, fun, meaningful and memorable.”

Tools for Teaching Participant,
Montgomery County, MD

“Thanks for all the inspiration today. I feel ready to implement!”

Enjoying the Journey of Teaching Participant,
Franklin Special School District, TN

“I feel like I can handle those students who cause a lot of distractions by setting in place specific expectations and using the many different strategies to reduce disruptions.”

Workshop Participant

“Last week was a pleasure! Can’t wait to continue.”

S. Kagarise, Grade 4 Teacher

“Amy Kines was a committed, passionate instructor.”

Course Participant

“Amy has a fabulous relaxed but effective style of teaching.”

Course Participant

“Amy was very adept at making the content relevant and applicable to teachers and non-classroom teachers alike. She had high expectations for us all and was very flexible and helped me reach those high standards.”

Course Participant

“Amy’s warmth and sense of humor created a classroom environment that encouraged participation and growth.”

Course Participant

“Now I have new tools to use to improve the classroom experience for my students and ME.”

R Hisle
Grade 6 math

“Ms. Kines’s passion and enthusiasm for professional development has been evident in each staff development session I have attended with her as the facilitator. Furthermore, her facilitation skills are impressive. It is evident that she plans a balanced approach to her presentations as far as presenting the information yet providing teachers time to work with, discuss, and eventually own the learning for themselves.”

Matthew Frieman
Assistant Principal

“I was very stressed out and thought I was ineffective because I couldn’t control my class. Now I feel confident that I can implement a discipline system that promotes a positive classroom environment. Thank you for helping me look forward to the upcoming school year.”

Rock Creek Forest Elementary School
Kindergarten Teacher

“Before this workshop, I had difficulty reaching hard-to-teach students and using discipline and motivation hand in hand. Now I feel more confident and prepared to motivate students and effectively discipline students without burning myself out.”

E Ali
Kindergarten teacher

“Now I have strategies that take the effort and responsibility off of me in the areas the students can assume and free up my energies for other planning, enrichment, and mentoring endeavors, where my expertise can make a difference.”

Forest Oak Middle School
Grade 7 Teacher

“Before this workshop, I was frustrated and overwhelmed with classroom management and discipline. Now I feel equipped and strengthened to be consistent.”

Jan S
Elementary Teacher

“I was at a loss for how I could clearly and consistently convey my expectations, especially during small group instruction… Now I have become more equipped with strategies in dealing with this and am excited to try these strategies out.”

J Chen
Grade 5 Teacher

“I used to get frustrated and took bad behaviors personally. Now I am inspired to set up my classroom differently, remain calm, and implement systems that keep me in control.”

Seneca Valley High School
Grades 9-12 Teacher