Brain-Based Learning: A Strategy Smorgasbord for Educators (Asynchronous – Take at your own pace) Finish by June 30, 2024

What really matters most inside the brain for optimal learning?
Think R – C – C! 1) Readiness to Learn and Engage; 2) Coherent Construction of the Learning; and 3) Consolidation of the Content and / or Skills. In this workshop, we’ll share strategies to get your students ready to learn and to get them engaged in the learning process. Participants will learn techniques for presenting content so that it’s understood, remembered, and effectively recalled. You’ll learn and practice strategies to elicit prior knowledge, to pre-expose students to the big ideas of your content; to prime their curiosity and anticipation; and to connect them with the behavioral relevance of your material. You’ll also learn powerful ways to show students how to consolidate the content consistent with how the brain creates memory. By applying these research-based strategies, get ready to successfully help your students tap into what science reveals is the optimal process for learning academic material.

# of credits included: 1
Price of this course now INCLUDES the cost of graduate credit through Trinity University. Once you have registered for the course, you will receive information from Trinity, but there will be no additional cost.

  •  February 1, 2024 - June 30, 2024
     12:00 am
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