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Equity and Differentiation

It was so nice to be with you at the Teaching and Engaging with Poverty in Mind Conference, and I hope you enjoyed my session on Equity as Differentiation.

It was a delight to share this concept with you. As promised, you can download the handout below, complete with lesson objectives and activity planner, so you can implement the fun activity we practiced together with your students. This is an ideal activity to do at the start of the school to set the tone for equity throughout the year.

Additionally, you can click on the free resources button at the top of the page for more helpful and engaging items. As you might recall from the workshop, Ready Aim Teach is my company. Here are a few things that I can offer you:

  • support for new teachers
  • highly-engaging workshops delivered right to your door
  • customized support for your struggling school
  • passionate interactive training
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