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Ready Aim Teach LLC customizes Professional Development training to meet the goals of your school and district. Here is a sampling of the training sessions we offer. Choose one or many, or even combine them to create the perfect teaching tool that works for you and your staff!

Most Requested Trainings:

Delving into Differentiation: How to Optimize Learning for All
Learn to develop systems and structures to differentiate instruction for delivery of content, how students process information, and how students demonstrate mastery. Explore ways to differentiate instruction to be more culturally sensitive and meet the needs of English Language Learners. Topics include: what differentiation is and is not, planning for differentiation (pre-assessment, formative assessment, flexible grouping), process of differentiation (how to scaffold to help students master objective, delivery methods, choices of ways to interact with content), and products of differentiation (criteria for success, offering choice of products, rubrics), differentiation through the lens of cultural diversity, and how to differentiate to meet the needs of students who are English Language Learners.

Proactive Teaching: Management Tools to Engage & Inspire
Learn proactive strategies to increase time on task, instructional time, and student learning time. Participants will explore and practice ways to manage students while maintaining respectful relationships, as well as strategies to increase student motivation.  Topics include: reasons for student disruptions, use of space and proximity, effective routines, using visuals in instruction, multi-modality teaching, maintaining positive relationships, proactive strategies to address disruptions, and motivation.

Dynamic Teaching: Igniting the Spark
Explore what dynamic teaching really looks like while participants learn ways to actively engage and motivate learners. Strategies for increasing student discourse and collaboration are modeled and practiced throughout the training. Topics include: authentic engagement, building climate, fostering community and relationships, mastery-level planning, growth mindset, cooperative learning strategies, and student choice.

Teaching for Understanding
Deepen students’ understanding of content is the focus in this training. Participants explore strategies to increase student discourse and engagement.  Topics include: David Sousa’s information processing model, using memory systems, building independence, and integrating thinking routines.

Fold ‘n Learn: Strategies to Engage and Motivate
Discover the power of using three-dimensional organizers to interact with content and help students think about (and retain) content at a deep level. Participants experience the power of learning both visually and kinesthetically and how it helps in the processing of information.  Participants leave with strategies and examples of how to use these three 3-dimensional organizers with their students and with their content.

Project Based Learning
Examine the many facets of project-based learning and share strategies to facilitate students’ active engagement throughout the process.  Topics include: Identifying and selecting an authentic problem, creating a timeline / scope & sequence, finding and using resources, developing criteria and evaluating the ‘depth’ of a problem or challenge.

Student Motivation: Why Should I?
Learn about motivational theory and how to apply that theory into everyday teaching. Participants will study strategies to match the Motivation Equation (Kushman) and the concept of Situational Interest (Marzano & Pickering). Topics include: motivational equation, student belief systems, situational interest, and adding value. 

Tools for Success: Motivating & Managing During the First Six Weeks
Similar to Proactive Teaching: Management Tools to Engage and Inspire, this professional development focuses on those critical first six weeks of school. Participants explore a variety of proactive strategies to get the school year off to a powerful start.  Topics include:  use of space and proximity, establishing routines, use of visuals and hands-on learning experiences, multi-modality teaching, and consistency.

For Counselors / Specialists

Counseling Lessons that Inspire
Investigate strategies to make counseling lessons and presentations come alive. This hands-on training is designed both for elementary counselors who deliver classroom lessons and for secondary counselors who facilitate groups and meetings. Topics include: effective presentation strategies, mastery level planning, framing the lesson/meeting, ways to check for understanding, and routines to increase student participation.

Linking Literacy to Counseling Lessons
Literacy links to everything, including counseling lessons. Participants learn strategies to connect classroom lessons and meetings to literacy standards. Topics include: mastery level planning with literacy in mind (previewing text, text features, active reading strategies, quick writes), and increasing student discourse.

For Parents

The Importance of Effort
Learn strategies to reinforce the importance of effort for your children.  Designed for parents and community members, this training explores what effective effort looks like and how to instill a growth mindset in children. Topics include: mindsets, attribution theory, how to reinforce effort and hard work, and resources to continue sending powerful messages at home.