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Welcome to the Tools for Teaching PAT Bank. Below is our ever growing bank of games and activities to be used in Responsibility Training’s Preferred Activity Time (PAT). We hope you find these useful and that you will add to our databank with your own favorite activities.

Remember, any lesson/curriculum can quickly become a PAT by making it a team game. In addition to the activities below, any game show format used on TV will work. Teachers commonly use Jeopardy, Family Feud, Twenty-One, Concentration, What’s My Line?, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, To Tell the Truth, and College Bowl. Also, see our PAT Tips page for some more ways to use PATs.

“Our sixth graders favorite PAT is jeopardy played with their world history vocabulary words. They complained when their PAT time was postponed because of a field trip! ‘Can’t we take the field trip another day, today is PAT time.”

– Lynn Layman of Greathouse Elementary, Midland, TX

PATs from Tools for Teaching

Add It
(great for vocabulary)
(language arts and vocabulary)
(English and art)
Oh, What a Story!
(English and creative writing)
The Moon

PATs submitted by teachers

Research Mysteries
(research/library skills)
Boggle Rotation
(spelling, vocabulary)
Circles and Stars
Make the Word
Body Bingo
(foreign language)
Letter by Letter
(spelling, vocabulary)
Name It or Wear IT!
(foreign language)
Phonics Musical Chairs
(reading, phonics)
Note by Note
Hello Wall
(social studies)
I Spy Art
Dictation Dash
(reading, writing)

Activities we’ve found on the web

Donut Race
Phone Book