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Dynamic Teaching

Our 2-Credit Courses

(Partnering with Trinity University to Offer Graduate Credit, $250 for 2 credits)
Proactive Teaching: Management Tools to Engage & Inspire! : October 20-21

Learn how to:
1. Increase time on task, instructional time, and student learning time;
2. Manage students while maintaining respectful relationships; and
3. Increase student motivation.

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Dynamic Teaching: Igniting the Spark : November 3-4

Explore what dynamic teaching really looks like while learning ways to:
1. Actively engage and motivate learners;
2. Increase student discourse; and
3. Build community and collaboration.

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NEW ELL COURSE – Success for English Learners: Strategies for Teachers to Promote English Language Learning : November 10-11

Learn how to:
1. Make sense of English proficiency levels to determine reasonable expectations for students;
2. Analyze a content standard for language; and
3. Use specific strategies to help English Language Learners access the content and curriculum.

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NEW MANAGEMENT COURSE – Transforming Learning, Thinking, and Relationships : December 1-2

Learn how to manage your students and classes as you:
1. Empower students to make their thinking public; and
2. Build relationships and community between students and the adults in the building.

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