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Dynamic Teaching

Our 2-Credit Courses –
Registration Opens January 2, 2019

(Partnering with Trinity University to Offer Graduate Credit, $250 for 2 credits)
After registering and paying for each course, participants will receive instructions for how to register for graduate credit.
Success for English Learners: Strategies for Teachers to Promote English Language Learning : March 2 & 3

Learn how to:
1. Make sense of English proficiency levels to determine reasonable expectations for students;
2. Analyze a content standard for language; and
3. Use specific strategies to help English Language Learners access the content and curriculum.

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NEW EQUITY COURSE: Equity in Education: Interrupting the Status Quo : March 30 & 31

Learn how to:
1. Utilize the Four Agreements of the Courageous Conversations about Race protocol.
2. Examine components of our identities and describe how they influence our work as educators.
3. Determine what equity means and explore various aspects and impacts of stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination.
4. Identify how implicit bias manifests in our brains.
5. Collaborate authentically around ways to challenge implicit bias in our school buildings and/or workplaces to interrupt patterns of inequity.

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Delving into Differentiation: How to Optimize Learning for All : April 6 & 7

You’ll learn how to develop systems and structures to differentiate instruction and explore ways to differentiate
1. The delivery of content,
2. How students process information, and
3. How students demonstrate mastery.

This course also explores ways to differentiate instruction to be more culturally responsive and meet the needs of English Language Learners

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Dynamic Teaching: Igniting the Spark : May 18 & 19

Explore what dynamic teaching really looks like while learning ways to:
1. Actively engage and motivate learners;
2. Increase student discourse; and
3. Build community and collaboration.

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Proactive Teaching: Management Tools to Engage & Inspire! : Returning August 2019

Learn how to:
1. Increase time on task, instructional time, and student learning time;
2. Manage students while maintaining respectful relationships; and
3. Increase student motivation.

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Transforming Learning, Thinking, and Relationships : Returning Summer 2019

Learn how to manage your students and classes as you:
1. Empower students to make their thinking public; and
2. Build relationships and community between students and the adults in the building.

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