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(Partnering with Trinity University to Offer Graduate Credit, $250 for 2 credits)
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Proactive Teaching: Management Tools to Engage & Inspire! : August 19 & 20

Join the Proactive Teaching workshop where we’ll demonstrate and practice creative tactics to help you find relief in your classroom management. The biggest benefit of this workshop is your ability to delight in teaching once more, as you enjoy more time engaging with students and less time dealing with discipline. Imagine being able to make it all the way through your lessons without stopping to correct a student. How would that benefit you and your students?

A well managed classroom is within your grasp.

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Transforming Learning, Thinking, and Relationships: October 12-13

How can you help students think at a higher level that promotes emotional intelligence?

The Transforming Learning, Thinking, and Relationships workshop will guide you through methods of how to strengthen your relationship with your students, as the improve their communication skills and ability to think at a deep level. Students will feel empowered as they learn how to explain their thoughts with confidence and note how that improves their overall communication efforts.

Take a proactive step for student learning. In the Transforming Learning, Thinking, and Relationships workshop , you will discover total participation techniques to help your students engage in their learning and learn how to express their thoughts. In return, as students are thinking better, their behavior often improves. Improved behavior leads to less classroom management issues and more consistent student engagement.

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The ADHD Brain: What Works, What Doesn’t, and Why: November 9-10

Our goal in the ADHD Brain workshop is to help you discover how the ADHD brain works in comparison to the non-ADHD brain. Together we will work through practical interventions to help your students improve their learning and behaviors. We will also address common misconceptions about how ADHD impacts students and provide you with resources to help you create a plan for how to overcome these challenges.

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Equity in Education – November 23-24

It can be a challenge for teachers to lead a conversation on race and equality when many have never been taught how to foster that talk. There is also the impact that the cultural heritage, socioeconomics, and stereotypes play in the success of our students. Sometimes a student’s struggles can be directly connected to one of these issues.

So how do we, as teachers, help our students (and ourselves) get more comfortable addressing these issues in our schools? In the Equity in Education workshop, we will open this conversation and provide you with tools on how to start the conversation in your classroom, and ultimately throughout your school. The more we create safe spaces to talk about the issues impacting our students, the more freedom our students will feel to be themselves and respond with strength.

Another angle we take in this workshop is to help you acknowledge and respond to implicit bias. Sometimes we carry thoughts about students based on their race, family, behaviors, etc. that impact how we respond to them. Often times, implicit bias happens unintentionally, so we will teach you how to make decisions and create student opportunities that are unhindered.

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Voice & Choice: Putting Students in the Driver’s Seat of Their Learning – December 7 (one day course)

Explore the power of student-driven differentiation in daily learning; jump starting student willingness to put forth effort, participate, study, and take intellectual risks. Examine the impact of educators serving as “choice coaches” to help students design their own pathways to increased achievement. Through a variety of quick, practical, and engaging experiences, learn easy-to-implement steps to begin adding voice and choice into every lesson. This course uncovers how strategically providing choices in learning supports metacognition and promotes positive academic identities as student reflect on the choices they make. See how putting students in the driver’s seat of their learning transforms students from dependent learners to independent scholars.

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Delving into Differentiation – January 11-12

Deepen your understanding of why differentiating instruction is necessary for effective teaching and learning. You’ll learn how to develop systems and structures to differentiate instruction and explore ways to differentiate (1) the delivery of content, (2) how students process information, and (3) how students demonstrate mastery. This course also explores ways to differentiate instruction to be more culturally responsive and meet the needs of English Language Learners. Two graduate credits are available for this workshop.

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