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Success for English Learners - July 2019


Success for English Learners: Strategies for Teachers to Promote English Language Learning

The challenge for classroom teachers is rising as the number of English learners in the school system continues to increase. Throughout the U.S. English learners represent about 10% of all public school students. ESL teachers are a great resource, but with limited time and strapped budgets, there is only so much they can accomplish. It is through the classroom teacher, where the English learner spends the majority of their day, that the biggest impact in their learning can happen.

In this workshop, we will give you resourceful tools you can implement immediately to help your English learners develop their language skills while also absorbing the content. The training will benefit you no matter the age of the student or the focus of the subject. We break it down to help you understand what your students are capable of based on their English proficiency scores and then show you how to reach them without creating more work on you or overburdening them in the process.

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