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Routines Now More Than Ever

Posted on: May 13th, 2014 by Amy Kines No Comments

Are your students more and more distracted as the weather warms? This last month of school can be difficult, but let routines ease your classroom life. Ask yourself, what am I nagging students about? What do I wish they would just DO? It might be copying homework into their agenda books, getting into groups for a cooperative activity, or even just getting unpacked in the morning or transitioning to the next period.

The good news is we can start fresh; any day can be like the first day. Spend a few minutes teaching students the routine, or reteaching the routine if you taught it earlier in the room. Think of “model, coach, apply.” Model what it should look like, coach students as they do it and give feedback, and then allow them to apply the routine.

Spending a few dedicated minutes over the next few days will make your ending of school so much more enjoyable!

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