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Posted on: September 5th, 2017 by Amy Kines No Comments

Sometimes as a teacher I find myself wondering, “Did I have as much of an impact on my students as they had on me?” This week I received a Facebook message that is every teacher’s dream! Below are a few excerpts of our conversation, shared with permission.

“Hello. I just wondered if you ever taught in San Antonio, Texas” the message chain began. YES! You see, Lori was a fourth grader in my VERY FIRST class – 27 years ago!

” I have been searching for you for a long time,” she shared.  “You were my 4th grade teacher…. I’ve always wanted to tell you that the way you taught inspired me to become a teacher…. I still think everything I do, I compare to the way you taught.” Our conversation continued as she shared things she remembered from that year, and memories that had stayed with her.

The lesson for me? Have no doubt that what you do makes a tremendous difference! We don’t always get to see it, and certainly not immediately. Sometimes it may even take 27 years.  The wait is worth it!

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