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Posted on: April 23rd, 2014 by Amy Kines No Comments

Welcome to Tools 4 Teaching with Amy Kines! I’m so glad you’ve found us.
We’re really excited to be carrying on the work of Dr. Fred Jones and Tools for Teaching. When I first took the Tools for Teaching workshop, I had young children; my older son was in kindergarten and my younger was in preschool. What I found was that I learned as much about parenting as I did about teaching. I found myself laughing at my attempts to be “fairly consistent”….. you’re either consistent or you’re not; there’s no middle ground. Both my husband and I use “Fredisms” when we need to get back on track. Here’s a favorite; “It takes one fool to backtalk. It takes two fools to make a conversation out of it!” We don’t want to be the second fool.

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