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Lesson For (& From) My Teenagers

Posted on: February 3rd, 2017 by Amy Kines No Comments

It’s seldom that I talk about politics in my professional capacity, but this I wanted to share.  I’m passionate about student learning. I’m passionate about educators and the work you do every day!  I am committed to doing everything I can do to equip you with the tools you’ll need to be successful! Your success is our students’ success.

Because of these passions, the qualifications of the nominee for Secretary of Education have caused controversy, debate, and angst for me.  I was raised to speak out, write a letter, and do something about things I perceive to be wrong.  So, my husband and I hosted a “Postcard Party” last night for folks to write to congress and share their feelings about the nominee.   We gathered in our kitchen, shared ideas, and started writing.  As I reflect on it now, the most powerful part was having my teenagers be a part of this.  Although I “strongly encouraged” them to write at least one postcard, once they started, many postcards were written.  I watched them feel empowered by having a voice, and by knowing their opinion would  be counted, even if just by a tally mark.  Their pride shown through as they finished each postcard.

I hope the casual conversation with this multi-generational group will stay with my sons.  They are learning that they are indeed the future, and they are learning to use their voice.  These life lessons weren’t planned, but I am grateful they took place.

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