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True Purpose: Kindness Matters

Posted on: March 11th, 2019 by Amy Kines No Comments

“I have something for you.”

We were just beginning our Success for English Learners workshop when a participant smiled and said, “I have something for you.” She had taken a workshop with us four months ago and was returning for this new course. Although the group was large, I vividly remembered her because she had been sick but had come anyway.  This participant had shown true commitment to her students and wanted to learn everything she could, despite feeling terrible. Over the course of the two days, I checked in with her, arranged for hot soup which she could swallow instead of the regular lunch, hovered perhaps a little….

At this most recent workshop, during a break, the participant handed me this beautiful trinket of Dutch shoes, representing her heritage and her thanks.  Although four months had passed since our last time together, she shared the difference we made for her that weekend and how safe and valued she felt during a weak moment.  I was stunned, touched, and humbled!


Four months had passed, yet this teacher remembered the small but kind gestures made! What can we all learn from this?

  • Kindness matters!
  • The little things matter! As I reflect and think about what I did, it wasn’t really extraordinary; I checked in on her; I arranged for her to have a cup of soup instead of the regular lunch…. little things!

Every day we can make small but kind gestures that have great impact. I was fortunate to learn of the difference my actions made. We don’t often get this gift. I carry these shoes with me now as a reminder that kindness matters, and that we have the opportunity to make a great difference every day.



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